Talking Points: Why the NUFC Takeover is only a matter of time…

With the takeover talk still lingering over St James Park, the tone seems to have turned more negative in the past few days. This article will therefore highlight the positive signs we have seen, underlining that it is only a matter of time until the takeover is announced.

Companies House

Following the initial rumours floating around, we saw our first piece of concrete evidence in the shape of Companies House updates.

Firstly, the PCP Capital Partners, linked to Amanda Staveley showed ‘Registration of Charge Documents’ that were signed by Joseph Collingwood. Joseph is an attorney for St James Holdings, a company owned by Mike Ashley himself.

Alongside this, we saw activity with another company linked to Amanda Staveley, Cantervale Limited, connected with RB Sports and Media Ltd. These companies are owned by the Rueben brothers, which have been sourced as an integral part in the takeover of Newcastle United.

Deposit Paid

It has been reported by many reliable sources that an initial deposit has also been paid. The value of this is reported to be around £17 million, with Mike Ashley in line to retain this money, regardless of the outcome.

This deposit shows the intent behind the Saudi-backed takeover. If you replay the principle of placing a deposit against, for example buying a house, this is regarded as one of the final stages. In general you scope out the possible options, weigh up the pros and cons, then go ahead and pay the deposit if you have full intention of making the purchase.

With the parties involved in the takeover, Amanda Staveley, the Saudi Public Investment Fund, and the Rueben brothers, there is no doubt in my mind that a single stone was not left unturned before a deposit was paid. These are serious business people, and they would not throw away £17 million.

Contracts Signed and Submitted

The most important part of the takeover process so far is the fact that a contract has been signed and submitted to the Premier League.

This indicates the deals between the parties are now entirely completed, and is just waiting official approval from the Premier League.


In summary we can all relax! We have seen all the proof we can expect at this stage. It would not make sense for an announcement to be delivered from anybody involved until all the necessary checks have been completed by the Premier League. The silence coming from Mike Ashley also does not differ from his 12 year tenure at Newcastle United.

A sense of doubt has only emerged due to the media’s reporting of the situation. I personally however, do not think we have any need to worry. This confidence stems from the simple principle of journalism. Journalists need to attract views to their work, and with the takeover seemingly in the ‘Pending’ stage there is no breaking news to be reported. By reporting doubts over the takeover, they can keep their name in the headlines.

It is only a matter of time until an official announcement is made, so until then sit tight, dream about the future of Newcastle United, and why not try our our NUFC Hotspot quizzes!

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