Discussion: What do you think is the peak age for a footballer?

NUFC Hotspot Discussion Peak Age Footballer Rondon

After finishing the 2018/19 campaign as our top scorer, Salomon Rondon was not signed permanently. £40 million was then supposedly spent on 22 year old Joelinton, with 30 year old Rondon being left to follow Rafa Benitez to China. Do you think the right decision was made in regards to allowing Rondon to depart the North East, as he was past his peak?

At what age do you think professional players reach their peak in the Premier League?

I personally believe this relies heavily on the type of player which the debate is based upon, but generally falls within the age bracket of 26 – 29, as it allows the player to be in peak psychical condition, while also having vital experience within the game.

When focusing on a player in the mould of Rondon, who does not rely on his pace, but instead uses strength and a great sense of attacking position, I feel he could play at the top level for longer than a tricky winger, who relies heavily on their burst of pace.

Using Zlatan Ibrahimovic as an example, he is currently 38 years old and recently returned to the Italian top flight with AC Milan. Playing in a similar style to Rondon, with experience, strength, and deadly finishing being the focal point in their styles, I believe the Swede peaked during his spells as Milan and PSG when he was aged 30 -34.

This fact therefore raises more question marks over the failure to sign Rondon permanently, as we could have seen his performances peak in the next few years!

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