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Newcastle Premier League Project Rethink

In a week that I’ve been contesting an election for the NUST Board, the Premier League have also been busy.

Firstly they decided that Pay Per View at £15 a pop is the solution to give fans an option to watch extra games. As if that wasn’t enough, they then proposed for the ‘big guns’ of the league to basically run the whole game on behalf of the country.

This groundbreaking idea earned the admirable title of ‘Project Rethink’, and of course excluded Newcastle United…

So it got me thinking, what should project Rethink look like?

Promotion/Relegation Tweaks

There is no obvious reason (apart from reducing PL fixture congestion) why this should change. I would however make some changes.

Keeping the 92 teams across English football, I would continue to relegate 3 teams from each of the top 4 tiers each year, with the top two being promoted and next 4 playing off.

But, based on an average points tally over the course of 3 years, following each 3 year cycle the best performing team in that time plays off against the worst performing not to get relegated.

Newcastle Championship Winners

This rewards consistency and punishes mediocrity, meaning clubs need to do all they can to try and improve throughout the pyramid.

Prize Money

Review the prize money for all Domestic Competitions, and let the Premier League Negotiate TV money.

My preference would be a direct streaming service. With more football available during the lockdown than ever before, why not maintain this increased level of coverage?

Football fans were able to watch other teams in action, overcoming the previous conflicts with their own teams kick off times.

If that isn’t possible, the Premier League have shown they are the kings of bringing in revenue for TV Rights. So let them negotiate these deals, and distribute the financial incoming as followed:

  • 50% of all revenue distributed between the Premier League clubs
  • 30% can be divided between the 72 EFL clubs
  • 20% split between League and FA Cup

Not only would that mean result in larger financial aid for the EFL, but also add a further incentive for teams to take the cup competitions seriously.

Newcastle Oxford Cup Saint Maximin

Ticket Caps and Away Fans

£30 cap for any regular seat, while both seats behind the goal, and away tickets should be capped at £20. No cap on hospitality seating.

Clubs should also offer 10% allocation to away fans with safe standing areas for away sections, and another 10% of the ground safe standing for home fans.

Newcastle Away St James Park

A requirement for 20% of seating to be Family enclosure which would provide ticket caps of £15 for adults and £7.50 for kids. This gives enough space to give people a choice to stand if they wish.

By implementing this new pricing model, a Premier League season ticket would be a maximum of £570 in full price areas, or for the same price one adult and two kids in a family enclosure.

Football League caps would be £480 for adult ST or £240 for kids. That’s £20 a match for adult or £10 for kids.

Supports Trusts Involved in Votes

The Premier League clubs currently vote and get one vote each, with 14 votes needed to pass a motion.

I’d change this so each club and each Supporters Trust was represented at each meeting, with 30 votes needed to pass a motion.

Newcastle Supporters Trust

That means that even if all 20 clubs agree, at least 50% of the Fans representatives would have to agree too. This would be a huge step in the clubs having to work with the fans directly as they’d have to be consulted on any changes.


These are all long term changes that could be made for the better of the game. Some of the proposals made have driven positive thinking, but they are currently all about taking control (with some added hush money on the side).

If Premier League clubs are serious about revenue redistribution for the good of the game, they’d consider some of these measures.

This piece was again created by lifelong Newcastle United fan; Jon Lane. He is running in 2020 NUFC Trust Board elections, make sure you vote if you haven’t already! #VoteJon

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