NUFC Hotspot Quiz Episode 25: General

Welcome back to the 25th edition of the NUFC Hotspot Quiz! As we aim to begin the Premier League with 2 consecutive wins for the first time since 1997, we thought we’d occupy your Saturday with a general knowledge NUFC quiz!

How do Newcastle fare on the Final Matchdays?

With the final match of the 2019/20 Premier League season on the horizon, we wanted to reflect on how our seasons have concluded in past years. We therefore take a look back to the past five seasons, while discussing the possible outcome of today’s fixture against Liverpool, the champions of England.

Previous 3 Points: West Ham United

Our match today involves a 2.15 PM kick off against West Ham United, so we want to reflect on our past fixtures against the Hammers. In a nutshell, the results over the past few seasons have been mixed. Both teams have been on the receiving end of 3-0 defeats, while there has not be a draw in this fixture since 2013.